Born and based in Lucerne, Switzerland.
Inspired by love, strangeness, change, nostalgia and wanderlust.
Guided by fantastic musicians such as Nahko and Medicine for the people, Damien Rice and Tom Waits.
Carried by wonderful people and poetry from all over the world.

"Jasmin Larues Texte zeugen von einer ganz besonderen Wahrnehmung der Welt, die uns umgibt."

"Some songs remind me of my old hippie-times, when we drove to Turkey in an old VW bus in the early 70ies."
Voice of the crowd

The Band

Jasmin Larue voice, guitar, harmonica
Claudio Birnstiel percussion, cajon
Manuel König acoustic bass


Heimkommen und den Blues haben

Interview with zentralplus (22.05.2016)

Jasmin Larue at Radio 3fach

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More information about Jasmin on her personal website: www.jasminandergassen.ch